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Benefits of Ballet

Ballet is for everyone

Dancers are often envied for their artistic abilities and lean, sculpted bodies. Other benefits of being a dancer is often overlooked and many  is conceptions are being formed in media. The first of these is that one needs to be a dancer in order to do ballet. Ballet is not just a form of movement for the athletic or artistic, it is a break from daily life with many benefits for people of all ages and ability.

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Shake it Up
The ball is rolling and the vibe at Sugardance is on the up. For many years the studio’s focus has been on kids and finally the adult side is picking up. People are trying out different classes and falling in love with new styles. Suddenly someone who used to only attend Zumba classes, can be seen letting it go in contemporary or spinning around in pole dancing. At the end of the day, we all love to move and use our bodies and Sugardance is a great place to do that.


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