Ladies Night

We would like to invite you to a night of fun and dance on the 22nd of August.

Here's a taster of what to expect:

Hip Hop

Bianca Vinay will be offering you a taste of the hip hop classes to come.  Hip hop is an umbrella term for a wide variety of styles and incorporates freestyle and street dance. It is a fun way to stay in shape and learn something new.

Contemporary Dance

Our contemporary dance instructor, Nicole Theunissen, will be bringing her expertise and amazing dance skills to the table.  Contemporary dance is an expressive form of dance.  The control and extension required in this class will leave you begging for more. Come lose yourself in the music!

Musical Theatre

For those of you with a wild side, Lynn Totham has the fix for you. Musical theatre is a fun performance dance style that will have you smiling throughout class. Imagine jazz hands and Broadway turns!

We realise that dance requires a lack of inhibition, so we've invited Caramel Vodka, Strawberry Lips and omega Tequila and few of their friends to help with any inhibitions you may have.

There is no participation fee and everyone over 18 is welcome to join.  So grab your girls and come join us for night filled with fun and dance!

Feel free to RSVP via the Facebook page 

See you there