En-Core class

We are offering you the chance to try one of our new classes before signing up.

Join us on Wednesday, 10 September at 08h15 for a free En-Core class.  En-Core is a combination of Ballet and Pilates and is ideal for anyone that would like to improve their flexibility, co-ordination and strength. 

This is why you will enjoy En-Core Ballet Barre classes:

  • In less than 12 weeks you’ll start to see physical improvements – you’ll be longer, leaner and stronger
  • You’ll get all the elongating benefits of Pilates but enjoy the results of a cardio workout too
  • You’ll lose both weight and centimeters
  • You’ll shape and tone your legs, bum and waistline
  • Your tummy will be flatter and you’ll strengthen your abdominals
  • Your energy levels and general mood will improve
  • Your general flexibility and co-ordination will get better too
  • Sessions are short, sharp and intensive – and they only take 45 minutes