The Bachelor

Our wedding dance instructor, Tamin Coningham, was asked to a Kizomba lesson on the Swedish version of The Bachelor. We asked her what her experience was like, and this is what she had to say about it.

Q: Did you ever follow The Bachelor?

A: Not the South African version specifically but I did follow a few episodes of the London version.

Q: How does it compare to the Swedish version?

A: Not much is different, but on this season they have two bachelors.

Q: Did everyone speak English?

A: Yes, fluently with a slight Swedish accent.

Q: What was the bachelor like?

A: His name is Simon, and he is a big ladies charmer. He loved to entertain and charm the ladies.

Q: You had two lady contestants with you, do you think either were a match for Simon?

A: It’s a tough one, as I only met them once. He had chemistry with both of them, but they were both so different.

Q: What was the location like?

A: They had booked out a game reserve near Pongola, it was beautiful! The venue was just stunning.

Q: Did they do your hair and make up?

A: No, I arrived with my own hair and make up done.

Q: What does it take to film an episode of The Bachelor; were there a lot of people on set?

A: There were quite a few people, they even have a new editor for every episode. The Warner Brother’s camera crew was actually filming the episode where I was teaching the lesson.

Q: What classes do you offer at Sugar Dance?

A: Mostly private lesson for weddings or parties, but I also offer a class called Salsa Singles - I don’t just teach salsa in this class, we teach all sorts of different styles. This week I even taught the ladies a line dance.

Q: What are your costs on your classes?

A: Private sessions are R400 and it is R80 per class for Salsa Singles.

Put your dancing shoes on and come try a class :)

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