Franco Human | SugarDance

An interview with our energetic Zumba Instructor

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We sat down with Franco to get to know him better and thought we’d share with you a few tidbits about our new instructor.

You can find out more by contacting us or visiting his class - Friday 6am-7am or Saturday 9am-10am.

What is your favourite Zumba song at the moment?

Tacatá (Electrodance). Fresh from ZIN 45.

Do you prefer to choreograph your own routines or use the ZIN material?

Sadly I am too busy to choreograph for myself so I prefer to use the choreo that we receive. I only ever use the live concert choreo and I seem to always choose upbeat and fast tracks that make you feel happy.

If you could meet and dance with one of the Zumba “stars”, who would it be?

Gina and Beto are my two top stars.

How did you discover the Zumba brand and was it an easy decision to become an instructor?

My full story is on my blog, I was on a weight loss program and got bored of cardio machines, attended a Zumba class and hated it, yes hated it. I then went to a dance class in the gym and the instructor welcomed me to Zumba, I could not leave the class as I was in a corner. I decided to stay. The rest they say is history. After that I became an instructor and loved every class that I have instructed. I took over that class that I discovered and numbers grew to +/- 70 people each week.

What has been the highlight of your career?

Motivating others to lose weight and become healthy.

In three words…why do you love teaching Zumba classes?

Music, energy & love!