Benefits of Ballet

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Ballet is for everyone

Dancers are often envied for their artistic abilities and lean, sculpted bodies. Other benefits of being a dancer is often overlooked and many  is conceptions are being formed in media. The first of these is that one needs to be a dancer in order to do ballet. Ballet is not just a form of movement for the athletic or artistic, it is a break from daily life with many benefits for people of all ages and ability. The classes offered at SugarDance in Ballito is suitable for all levels and create a great new challenge for anybody (whether you want get a workout or just relieve some stress).

Ballet benefits Mind and Body

One of the primary benefits of ballet is posture and lean muscles; muscles are worked from the core because no outside resistance is used. Ballet also does not put any strain on the body and the individual attention given in class ensures that you’re ability is optimised. If you attend class for a workout, you can expect toning and strengthening of the entire body; smaller muscles that are not usually targeted in gym workouts get a great shape up in ballet.

Flexibility is also a great benefit of ballet and you can see an improvement in your flexibility after just a few classes, regardless of your dancing ability. Other benefits of ballet include improvement in focus and concentration as well as stress relief. Ballet is also a great way to improve self-esteem; the reason for this is that you get to know your body and its capabilities fully.

If you enjoy feeling centred and in control of your body but find exercises such as yoga and Pilates too monotonous and repetitive, then ballet is your best option. Ballet has the same benefits as yoga and pilates with the added pleasure of lyrical movement and grace as well as emotional expression. Our classes are structured to provide you with a great workout as well as a focus on toning those bums and tums.

Ballet isn’t all “Formal”

Nothing to wear? No worries. Socks and tights will suffice. Hardly anyone in the Ballet class has “formal” ballet attire so don’t let that stop you!!!

Classes are offered every Wednesday 17H30-18H30. View the Sugardance timetable for more info on classes for adults and kids.

Morning classes can be arranged.