Team Vooma at SugarDance

Sugardance partnered up with a very special client to put together a diet and fitness dvd. Vooma is a three part dvd featuring a diet, dance and strength section and is a must see to keep those Winter kilos at bay.

Patricia Lewis

has been coming to Zumba classes at the studio since 2011 and fell in love with the music and moves. She has a natural rhythm and stage presence, and took to this dance exercise like a pro. It is great watching her let go and enjoy herself. As a result of all this moving and shaking, she began to see fantastic results in her body shape and wanted to share her experience the public. There’s no big secret in her message, work hard and be dedicated…but also make it fun. She followed these three easy steps…

Strength section: building a strong body

Well-known fitness trainer, 

Jenni Rivet

, took Patricia through her paces. Classes two to three times a week spent building a strong core, focusing the mind and challenging the body to go further. Jenni worked with Princess Diana and is a real professional who respects her clients. Jenni’s classes are all about results and Patricia is definitely looking fabulous.

Dance section: turn on the music…after a while you will forget you’re exercising

Sick of running on the treadmill? Bored with the same old same old? Sugardance will have you burning fat and loving it with a variety of dance fitness and movements classes aimed at helping you make your exercise regime something you look forward to. Patricia saw the benefits of dance as a legitimate cardio workout, whether it’s







Pole Dancing

, dance has an abundance of good effects, but most people highlight the music as the key element. Choose a class that suits your vibe and style and you will


to exercise. 

Diet section: you are what you eat and you look tasty… ha ha

Patricia is a sensible woman and knows that exercise alone will not do the trick. If you want a glowy complexion and youthful energy, you need to stay away from certain foods. She also knows that we are are all individuals and might require different eating plans. She enlisted the help of weight loss specialists,

Sure Slim

 to find the right plan for her. This was a smart move and meant that the combination of regular exercise and healthy eating was bound to show results and it certainly has. 

Behind the scenes: getting to know you

Chantelle Nicholson and Julie Robert, dance instructors at Sugardance, had the pleasure of working with Patricia for over three months, carefully putting together the dance section of the Vooma dvd. We hang out at the studio in the evenings brain storming moves and coming up with routines to seven of her own tracks. Her music is catchy and there is always a good beat. The film crew had worked with Patricia during her singing days and they rocked! It was one of the best wrap parties we’ve experienced. Check them out at

. We even enlisted the help of some of our kids and adult dancers from the studio so the viewer is in for a real treat. 

The dvd is due for release by the end of August 2012.