Zumba Master Class

For the first time in KZN - ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) Nizaam Khan

SugarDance Studio|Zumba Dance Classes|Dance Classes Ballito
SugarDance Studio|Zumba Dance Classes|Dance Classes Ballito

Saturday 30th March @ Geloftes Skoel, Pinetown. 9:30am - registration, 10-11:30am - master class, 12pm - ZIN members meeting

What a treat to have the South African ZES coming to KZN. He has already taken his master class to Gauteng and Cape Town with huge success and it’s KZN’s turn to turn up the heat and bring the Zumba love to the best province in the WORLD. Organisers Julie Robert, Cindy Francis and Yvonne Moolman are hoping for a turnout of 200! Imagine a Zumba class with 200 people WOW!!! Nizaam will also be debuting Senato, the latest Zumba subsidary style done on a chair?? Sounds very interesting indeed and I cannot wait to see what that’s all about. 

Sugardance will be organizing a car pool from the studio, leaving at 8:45am. If anyone would like to grab a lift please contact julie@sugardance.co.za

Registration is at 9:30am

Class starts at 10am and ends at 11:30am

There is a meeting for ZIN (Zumba Instructors Network) members from 12pm - bring a packed lunch. 

Cost for the master class is R80 per person. Well worth it for an hour and a half of action packed Zumba dance moves. 

P.S. Nizaam is a man ! I have never done Zumba with a man….first time for everything. Extra excited!